Entering the Vietnamese market

A financial training and consulting company had run seminars in Vietnam for a couple of months. They want to know how they should set up their company there and the competitor landscape

case3 The Background:
- The Vietnam market has been growing at a consistent rate of between 5 – 7% in the past 5 years
- With the change of regulations for foreign direct investments and the TPP agreement, the economy in Vietnam looks set to grow continuously.
- Vietnam has a growing middle class who has an increasing disposable income
- They are the 3rd largest country in South East Asia with $90million population

The methodology:
- Gathering of information on rules and regulations of setting up a company in Vietnam, labour laws and banking laws through local lawyers
- Analysis of macroeconomics, market trend and competitors
- Interviews and survey of potential customers and competitors

The results:
- Defined the most practical structure of the company in Vietnam
- Identified the immediate and most relevant competitors
- Consolidated the competitive analysis into a perceptual map for easy analysis and overview of the competitors in the market
- Identified potential collaboration partners and distributors to work with in the similar field.

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